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Job Description:

     • Analyze financial statements and bond indentures/bank
     • Build preliminary historical models
     • Support senior professionals on the desk
     • Draft business proposals using Microsoft Excel
     • Help compile pitch books/presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
     • Help coordinate group activities and schedule for senior
         professionals in the group




Job Overview

     Location:                            New York, NY

     Position Type:                   Permanent

     Employment Type:          Full Time

     Total Work Experience:   2-3 Years

     Job Summary:                  Investment Bank seeks a Desk
                                                 Analyst - Sales & Trading Assistant
                                                 with 2 to 3 years of investment
                                                 banking analyst experience able to
                                                 process loan agreements and bond
                                                 indentures. The ideal candidate will
                                                 possess some understanding of
                                                 fundamental credit analysis and
                                                 have the ability to analyze financial
                                                statements (10K and 10Q). MBA or
                                                CFA preferred, but not required; a
                                                consulting background is not

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