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Job Description:

      An ETF trader to identify and execute trading opportunities using a
      combination of real time and proprietary analytics with a track
      record of continually driving strategic, scalable, trading
      methodology is critical to this role. Looking for candidates who
      possess the willingness to work in a team-orientated
      environment, have a high aptitude for analytical and quantitative
      thinking and a passionate and resourceful attitude towards
      problem solving.

    • At least 2+ years of experience trading volatility related products
    • 3+ years of experience in the financial services industry
    • Expert knowledge of the relevant options pricing and strategies,
       as well as configuring and monitoring automated system
    • Must possess analytical skills and a quantitative and inquisitive
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills.



Job Overview

     Location:                            New York, NY

     Position Type:                   Permanent

     Employment Type:          Full Time

     Total Work Experience:   5-7 Years

     Job Summary:                  International bank seeking ETF
                                                 trader with a proficiency in
                                                 managing a broad portfolio of credit
                                                 products, equity or sector
                                                 index/ETF options positions in an
                                                 off-floor trading book and an
                                                accomplished record of achieving
                                                consistent, risk adjusted returns.

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