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Job Description:

      Our firm has been contracted for searches for tax exempt public
      finance bankers. In some instances, the firms will hire someone
      with good accounts to set up an office in the city where they
      already reside. Candidates should have excellent understanding
      and experience with various complex executions.



Job Overview

     Location:                            San Francisco, CA;
                                                  New York, NY;
                                                  Chicago, IL;
                                                  Indianapolis, IN;
                                                  and Philadelphia, PA

     Position Type:                   Permanent

     Employment Type:          Full Time

     Total Work Experience:   5-7 Years

     Job Summary:                  Regional firms in NY, Chicago, and
                                                 other states are looking for tax
                                                 exempt public finance bankers with
                                                 impressive transaction lists. The
                                                 firms are looking for generalist
                                                 bankers, and encourage
                                                 applications with specialties in
                                                 transportation, health-care and
                                                 renewable energy.

Contact: Bea Branson

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